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Deposit and travel cancellation insurance

You never know what surprise life has in store for you, forcing you to cancel your holiday or leave early. Our cancellation policy:

The "General Terms and Conditions for the Austrian Hotel Industry 2006" apply:
• You may cancel your booking free of charge until 3 months prior to your arrival.
• For cancellations from 3 months until 1 month before your arrival, we will charge 40% of the total booking price.• 1 month until 1 week prior to your arrival: 70% of the booking price.
• In case of cancellations within the week prior to your arrival: 90% of the booking price.
• In case of early departure: 100% of the total.

We can help you avoid extra cost and hassle by concluding the Hotelstorno Plus cancellation insurance, incl. helicopter rescue cost, on your behalf. You simply pay the premium with your deposit and we'll take care of all the paperwork.

If you would like to take care of the travel insurance yourself, then simply click here on the link - our partner, the Europäische Reiserversicherung, has put together two packages especially for vacations in Austria: Europäische Reiserversicherung

The amount of the deposit is based on the booking price. Usually, it is around 25% of the total. The insurance premium is based on the table of the Europäische Reiseversicherung insurance company. We will inform you of the amount and you then transfer it to our account. All we need from you are the names of the persons to be insured – that's it!

Our bank details:
Raiffeisenbank Kössen-Kirchdorf eGen
IBAN: AT52 3626 4000 0024 9136

If you would like to pay the deposit by credit card, please tell us your card number and whether you would like to pay the deposit with or without insurance.

Tip: Experience has shown that some guests are not aware of the limits on their debit or credit cards, which can lead to unpleasant surprises when trying to pay the outstanding amount. We therefore recommend transferring the outstanding amount to our bank account approx. 1 week before your arrival. This means that at the end of your stay, you only need to pay for drinks or other add-ons, which you are welcome to pay with debit, VISA or Mastercard. Please check your card limits before the start of your holiday to avoid problems with paying.