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Triassic Park

In the footsteps of the dinosaurs

A visit to Triassic Park on Waidringer Steinplatte is a great way to learn more about prehistoric times, with lifelike simulations of dinosaurs & co. You also have the opportunity of observing corals from up close and hear some fascinating stories about the sea.

You have always wanted to go on an underwater treasure hunt? Weather permitting, you may dive into our miniature primal ocean, where you will hopefully find lots and lots of fossils!

The Triassic Trail is a circular trail where kids will learn about primeval times while digging, climbing and playing.

Distance: 4km / duration: approx. 1.5 hours

Further informations about Triassic Park

Bergbahn Steinplatte / Waidring
Alpegg 10
6384 Waidring
+43 5353 5330-0
  • Triassic Park Waidringer Steinplatte