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nature together.

1st "Tiroler EisWiesn"

Part of our holiday offer since 2019 - the first-ever "Tiroler Eiswiesn"!

Make way for the best ice-cream in the entire region: the farm-made ice-cream from the Trattberghof farm. Made from fresh milk, yoghurt, cream, curds and regional ingredients, it needs no artificial aromas, colourants, preservatives or synthetic binding agents. An authentic, completely natural taste that is simply irresistible!

Drop in whenever you want – we are looking forward to seeing you!

Opening hours - daily except Wednesday, when it is closed!
May to October: from 13:00 to 20:00 - except for Wednesday is rest day!
The Eiswiesn doesn't just serve splendid sundaes and special children's creations such as "Zilly the Zebra" or "The Little Bees", but also provides our guests with home-made cakes and coffee.

And while you are enjoying your coffee (or your ice-cream), the little ones can pass the time on the playground or in the petting zoo. As you can see, we offer something for everyone... just the way it should be!

We have been awarded!

1. Tiroler EisWiesn
Restaurant Guru • Empfohlen

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